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How Shardeum Used Quests to Reward and Engage Its Community

Shardeum is a blockchain network based on the EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine). It offers scalability, low gas fees, decentralization, and security. Shardeum thrives on its community, which it refers to as Shardians. The community follows an interesting motto, OCC, which stands for open, collaborative, and community-driven.

The Challenge

Any blockchain relies heavily on its community of users who use it daily through different dApps built on top of it. Ideally, these users are rewarded for their contributions, and some also run their own communities to support the blockchain. Shardeum was no exception. With countless users, they wanted to create a platform where Shardeum could issue NFTs/SBTs to users who completed certain tasks as part of quests.

Shardeum was searching for a solution they could deploy on their platform to increase community engagement and reward their most loyal users.

The Solution

To address this challenge, Shardeum strategically partnered with Bandit.

The solution involved integrating Bandit's quest platform directly onto Shardeum's website. This integration enabled Shardeum to offer a dynamic and interactive quest experience to its community, creating a seamless bridge between blockchain technology and web 3 user engagement.

Bandit's quest platform on Shardeum
Bandit's quest platform on Shardeum

The Results

The collaboration between Shardeum and Bandit's Quest platform yielded remarkable results:

  1. Enhanced Community Engagement: Shardeum witnessed a substantial increase in community engagement as users eagerly participated in quests that explored various aspects of blockchain technology.
  2. On-Chain Activity: The integration facilitated meaningful on-chain interactions, allowing users to actively contribute to Shardeum's ecosystem while earning rewards.
  3. Community Growth: Shardeum experienced an influx of new users, attracted by the unique quest opportunities provided by Bandit, which included but not limited to twitter tasks, on-chain tasks, off-chain tasks and more.
  4. Retaining Users: Shardeum has experienced higher user retention since users no longer have to leave the platform to complete quests on other platforms.
Over 135k mints on Shardeum Unity NFT Campaign
Over 135k mints on Shardeum Unity NFT Campaign