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How Brave Successfully Executed the Sage Burn Event Using Bandit's Growth Toolkit

Brave, an open-source, chromium-based web browser prioritizing privacy, is a creation of Brave Software. It sets itself apart by defaulting to ad and tracker blocking, providing faster browsing experiences, and rewarding users with Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) when they engage with privacy-preserving ads. Brave envisions an online ecosystem that is more balanced and sustainable, where users have greater control over their data and creators receive fair compensation.

Unveiling the Sage Burn Event

Sage Burn
Behold the Sage Burn event by Brave

In December 2023, Brave held the Sage Burn event, marking the final phase of the BAT x Adam Ape NFT collection collaboration. This event provided NFT holders with an opportunity to burn three of their Adam Ape NFTs in return for a unique and rare sage NFT. Bandit Network, with its expertise in multi-blockchain NFT experiences, brilliantly managed the Sage Burn event.

Overcoming the Challenge

Brave sought to reward their Adam Ape NFT holders with a rare Sage NFT but was confronted with the essential yet critical challenge of verifying and burning multiple NFTs for the Sage Burn event. Given the event's significant interest from the NFT and Brave communities, drawing attention to Brave's increasingly popular NFT initiatives and demonstrating NFTs' potential to unlock unique utility within Brave's ecosystem, it was crucial that the event was executed flawlessly.

Crafting the Solution

Bandit rose to the challenge and came up with a solution that entailed the following:

  1. Developing a Solana program to verify the burning of multiple assets.
  2. Constructing a seamless integration wrapper with Metaplex to enhance compatibility.
  3. Streamlining the NFT minting workflow into a single, efficient transaction.

Amplifying the Campaign's Reach - Distribution as a service

Bandit's expansive network, comprising of 10+ platforms, has seamlessly integrated the NFT Launch Aggregator widget. As soon as the Sage Burn event was initiated, it was broadcast across all partner platforms, establishing a comprehensive network that amplified the event's distribution.

This strategic measure sparked higher engagement on social media, increased impressions, and spurred a wider conversation about the campaign among users.

Celebrating the Results

The results speak volumes:

The campaign was executed seamlessly without any significant obstacles, allowing Adam Ape NFT holders to burn their NFTs and ultimately mint the Sage NFT.

Moreover, Bandit orchestrated a rewarding campaign for the event, offering participants SAGE NFTs and $BAT rewards. With nearly 1.7K participants, the campaign gained even more momentum, boasting over 3.1K retweets and 16K impressions.

Bandit Campaign
The Sage Quest, masterfully led by Bandit Network

As of today, January 19th, 2024, the Sage Burn event is still going on with 157 out of 300 Sage NFTs minted.

Here's Luke Mulks expressing appreciation for the team, for which we are truly grateful.

Luke Mulks
Thoughts shared by Luke Mulk, the VP of Business Ops at Brave & AttentionToken